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Volunteering Holidays sector report 2019

SEO is constantly evolving, and with changes to Google algorithms and new consumer trends, there is never a dull moment. Succeeding in SEO requires time and effort – but data is a driving force for SEO, so it’s crucial your decisions are always supported by data. This report explores the competition for organic search results and gives tips on how to rank successfully in the Volunteering Holidays sector.

What our Volunteering Holidays report offers


Latest insights


  • The top five competitors in this industry share 279 Volunteering Holidays-related keywords
  • This sector has a significant number of keywords to target, so to compete in this sector your site’s landing page should target location-based terms such as ‘volunteer in Thailand’
  • To rank effectively for Volunteering Holidays terms, a strong landing page with content such as images and videos is needed.
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What does our Volunteering Holidays report cover?

Sector overview

Unlike other travel sectors, there is no consistent trend for seasonal peaks in traffic in the Volunteering Holidays sector. For example, there is not a peak at the beginning of the year, but a few spikes in April and May, but this drops towards the end of the year.


Who currently dominates the market?

The two top competitors in this industry – Volunteer Forever and GVI – share 608 keywords, 329 more than other competitors. GVI’s estimated traffic is the highest and this is because of its high average ranking for the terms it does rank for.


Content types in the Volunteering Holidays sector

It’s important to understand the types of content ranking in this sector to compete effectively, as you can then create content you know will rank highly. Images, reviews and featured snippets appear most often in the search engine results. This presents an opportunity for companies to use different types of content such as video.

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Authority and Links

Link building is a crucial ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. The more you are mentioned by other websites who have authority, the more Google will reward you. This is measured by Domain Authority (DA), which is a measure of how authoritative a website is in terms of its backlink profile. The rankings of each competitor based on Domain Authority can be seen below (out of 100):


Work Away – 72

Volunteer HQ – 56

GVI – 54

Projects Abroad – 50

Volunteerforever – 47


Generally, the higher the DA, the higher the ranking, but this is not the case with Work Away. It doesn’t rank for as many terms as competitors which have a lower DA. This implies that although link building is an important factor, there are other factors such as having high-quality content which is crucial, too.

Trends usually show a strong correlation between high DA and the visibility of a site, as the higher the DA, the more keywords you are likely to rank for. However, a high DA doesn’t always equate to a high ranking for keyword visibility which is evident in this industry. Work Away has the highest DA and ranks for 988 keywords, whereas Volunteer Forever has the lowest DA while ranking for the most keywords. This suggests that in this sector, DA isn’t the most important metric in SEO.

Key takeaways from this report are that the Volunteering Holidays sector has a smaller range of keywords to target, but to compete successfully, it is important to use location-based terms. Keyword selection should be based on low-competition keywords as this will help companies rank higher.


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