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Ski Holidays Sector Report

Search is continually evolving – with Google algorithm updates and changing consumer trends, it is crucial for brands to have an effective SEO strategy. This report provides useful insights in the ski holidays sector, and includes key areas such as competition for organic search results, visibility and analysis of key rankings.

What our Ski Holidays report offers


Latest insights


  • images and reviews are effective at supporting content – they appear in 85%-95% of the top 20 shared keywords
  • Crystal Ski and Igluski have a clear lead over the competition with keyword visibility, as they share 3,465 keywords containing the word ‘ski’.
  • Crystal Ski currently has the highest Domain Authority in this sector, with Skiworld having the lowest.

What does our Ski Holidays report cover?

Sector overview

This data highlights when search volume is the highest for ski holidays. Searches in the ski holiday market increase from August until March. The top three keywords that consumers search for are:


  • 2019 ski holidays
  • ski holidays 2018
  • skiing holidays 2018

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Who currently dominates the market?

Data shows that Crystal Ski is ranked the highest, with 171,800 estimated monthly organic searches. Igluski follows with 52,300 and then Inghams with 42,400. Delving deeper, Crystal Ski and Igluski have a clear lead ahead of the competition with keyword visibility, as they share 3,465 keywords containing the word ‘ski’. 


Content types in the ski sector

Having useful, high-quality and clear content is crucial for SEO. Looking at the estimated traffic for ski-related terms vs. the reading ease score, competitors with a stronger reading ease score generally have higher search traffic. 


Social media overview

With the exception of Ski Solution, the graph below shows a correlation between the number of likes on Facebook and its Google ranking. Social media is a ranking factor used as part of Google’s algorithm. We recommend using varied content such as videos – this way, Google rewards you with better rankings. 


Key Take-Aways

Key take-aways from this report include the fact that the ski sector has a large number of keywords that can drive traffic. However, deciding which keywords you want to rank for is an important factor to rank highly against competitors. Understanding where your competitor ranks with keywords and their Domain Authority is crucial, as higher rankings play a more important role than greater visibility alone.

Authority and links

Link building is a crucial part of SEO. The more you are mentioned by other sites using hyperlinks, the more Google rewards you. It is not as simple as that, however – Google factors in the Domain Authority of the website that links to yours. The rankings of each competitor based on Domain Authority can be seen below:


Crystal Ski – 57 (DA)

Inghams – 55

Igluski – 53

Ski Solutions – 48

Skiworld – 43



Want more information?

You can read the full report here or alternatively you can contact Ad-Rank Media to discuss this report using the contact details below.


Chad Harwood-Jones (MD)

T: 01442 817080

E: [email protected]

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