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Whether you’re looking to improve your e-commerce product pages or engagement on social media, there’s no denying the importance of great product photography.

As many as 67% of consumers consider image quality to be ‘very important’ when buying online, so investing in clear, high resolution photography is vital for brands and businesses looking to make their mark in a saturated marketplace. We’ve previously discussed the relationship between images and e-commerce, so here are four ways in which product photography can benefit your brand.

Increase search visibility

Making your brand more visible is the first step to generating awareness and sales. Visual content typically does very well online, while consumers are 40x more likely to share content that features an image across their social channels. The more shares your product pages receive, the more likely you are to reach new customers.

Creating shareable content starts with researching your target audience, establishing exactly what content your existing customer base is already sharing and where. Mastering the art of product photography on Instagram is going to differ from taking photographs for Twitter and Facebook, for example. Establish where you want your images to be shared and plan accordingly, taking inspiration from popular content to optimise appeal.

Strengthen brand identity

Building a strong brand identity is only ever achieved by illustrating the core values of your business, from your logo and tagline right down to your preferred tone of voice. Product photography is one way to strengthen your brand identity and tie together its image across your web presence.

Keeping your photography consistent in style is one way of ensuring that your brand develops its own digital persona. One brand that uses product photography to strengthen their brand identity is online retailer ASOS, who recently started including swatches of cosmetics within their product photography. It’s a step away from the style of product photography commonly used within the beauty industry and in turn has become instantly recognisable among consumers.

liemcrime-300x216 Product photography to shape your brand

Source: ASOS

Build trust

Far from being able to touch and engage with products as they would in store, customers shopping online only have the imagery you provide to get an idea of exactly what you have for sale. This emphasises the importance of high resolution photography that clearly demonstrates what the consumer can expect to receive when they make a purchase.

Visual elements are particularly important to brands that exist solely online, as product photography has the potential to make your brand feel more in touch with the real world. 65% of senior marketing executives agree that visual assets are core to a brand story, something that is key to making your business appear more personable and trustworthy.

Encourage sales

Showing the product from a range of different angles is recommended as it gives the consumer an overall look at what you have to offer.

Getting your product photography right can be beneficial to your business in many ways, yet its primary purpose is likely going to be centred on increasing sales. Last month, online photo-sharing platform Instagram announced the launch of shopping tags, enabling brands to seamlessly add a shop-able element to existing ads. It’s a logical step for a platform that relies heavily on brand advertising for revenue, yet it also helps to demonstrate just how important visuals are to the consumer decision making process.

Showing the product from a range of different angles is recommended as it gives the consumer an overall look at what you have to offer. Close ups of relevant details are helpful too, as are photographs of your product in use. In many ways, seeing a product being worn or sampled is the online version of trying something on, allowing the customer to get a better idea of the shape, colour and fit of a product before purchasing.

Whatever the size and scope of your business, high quality product photography is essential for those hoping to generate revenue through e-commerce. Product photography is often more cost effective than one might think, especially given is necessity.

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