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Private Jet report 2019

Succeeding in SEO is not easy – it takes time, effort and know-how. This knowledge is driven by data, and by using this to your advantage, you can stay ahead of your competitors. In this report we explore the traffic for keywords in the Private Jet Hire sector to ensure you have some insights to put into practice today.

What our Private Jet Hire report offers


Latest insights

  • Analysing keyword competitive scores to determine short-term keyword targets are key to driving successful results early on in your SEO campaign.
  • To effectively rank for location-based Private Jet Hire terms, a strong landing page is needed with images and videos.
  • The Private Jet Hire sector is a competitive market for link building, and building links is crucial to help drive results.
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What does our Private Jet Hire report cover?

Sector overview

From analysing the sector, there is no clear point where search volume is high for Private Jet Hire. Throughout the year there are many peaks, particularly during summer. There is also a slight rise towards the end of December, but this is notably lower compared with other travel sectors.


Who currently dominates the market?

Bookajet and Flyvictor rank the highest for the number of keywords, but their estimated monthly traffic is low. In comparison, PrivateFly and Air Charter Service rank the highest for search traffic among all competitors and they fall slightly behind Bookajet and Flyvictor for number of keywords. The high search volume of PrivateFly and Air Charter Service is due to their rankings for the high-volume terms.


From analysing shared keywords among the competitors, it’s clear that ‘private jet hire’ and ‘private jet charter’ are the biggest traffic drivers. There are also several UK-based search terms, so we recommend you use ‘UK’ across your web content to secure rankings.


Content types in the Private Jet Hire sector

From analysing the content types in the sector, there is a lack of content types, with reviews accounting for 60% of search-engine results. Brands should therefore create content focused around imagery or videos, not only to stand out in the sector but also to engage with their audience.

The Flesch Reading Ease level determines how easy content is to read – the higher the score, the simpler it is. Flyvictor and Privatefly have a Flesch Reading Ease of 69.8 and 68.6, therefore their content should be understood by 12 year olds. On the other hand, Bookajet has a reading score of 45 meaning there are clearly some improvements needed to make its content more digestible. 

Authority and links

Link building is an important part of SEO. You want websites to link to you which have a high Domain Authority (DA), as these are recognised by Google as high-authority sites and will improve your DA. The rankings of each competitor based on Domain Authority can be seen below (out of 100):


Privatefly – 66

Flyvictor  – 57

Air Charter Service – 40

Bookajet  – 30

Astute Aviation – 12


The above shows that Privatefly has the highest DA with 66, whereas Astute Aviation has the lowest with 12. Generally, the higher the DA, the higher the ranking, which is apparent with Privatefly. Apart from Flyvictor, the other competitors have a lower DA and rank lower, highlighting the importance of building high-authority links to your website.

In summary, the Private Jet Hire sector has fewer keywords to compete for than other travel sectors – it mainly focuses on generic terms and the costs/processes involved when hiring a private jet. Privatefly and Air Charter Space dominate this sector – for brands to improve, more imagery and videos should be used.


Want more information?

You can read the full report by completing the form above, alternatively you can contact Ad-Rank Media to discuss this report using the contact details below.


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