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Helping a travel retailer recover from a migration.

Ongoing campaign to improve organic traffic.


We began work working with a leading online travel retailer following a difficult migration, which had an enormous impact on both organic revenue and sales.

The image below shows the overall drop in visibility for more than 5,000 search terms following the shift in platform.

Seo Visibility Migration Crash

Campaign overview.

Our brief was to reverse the impact of this transition and grow their business further. Given the large scale of the site, the auditing process was a considerable task, covering many thousands of URLs.

The complexity of the site’s structure also meant that many of the technical issues that had led to the fall in traffic could not be resolved immediately.

In order to resolve this, we devised a strategy that focused on a staged rollout of improvements, including a revision of internal linking in order to address the key problem of orphaned pages.

At the same time, we carried out a large scale refresh of site content, while also building fresh and relevant links through an ongoing outreach campaign.

Campaign results.

Through a combination of slow and steady sitewide SEO fixes and large-scale content improvements and additions, both organic traffic and revenue have recovered strongly. The site’s SEO visibility is now the highest it has been in three years.

Seo Visibility Increase

Year-on-year we’re seeing substantial traffic and revenue increases, with recent figures showing revenue from organic traffic up 116.47% on 2016 and revenue from direct traffic up by 123.88% in the same period.

This trend is continuing, and we expect to see ongoing growth, much of which is due to the compounded effect of adding significant volumes of new content.


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Ian Crawford, Brand Manager, Holiday Hypermarket

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Vanessa Lenssen, CEO, GoLearnTo

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Sheryl Makin, Managing Director, The Luxury Travel Boutique


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