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Motorhome Hire sector report 2019

Travel is a competitive industry when it comes to SEO. It’s crucial that your content strategy is focused on the customer journey to ensure you meet consumer needs. This report gives you key tips in terms of organic search results in the Motorhome Hire sector.

What our Motorthome Hire report offers


Latest insights


  • There are opportunities for the search term ‘campervan hire’ which you could include in your landing page copy to increase traffic.
  • The Motorhome Hire sector has a significant number of keywords that you can target which will lead to increased traffic.
  • Normally, a higher number of words on a page means the page will rank better. This isn’t always the case though, as Leisure Rentals Direct has a higher word count, but doesn’t rank as well as its competitors.
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What does our Motorhome Hire report cover?

Sector overview

From analysing trends, this sector is different to other travel sectors as there is a drop-off in search terms at the start of the year. The peak in searches tends to be in the spring and summer, which suggests that Motorhome Hire is not booked as far in advance as other travel sectors.

The top five keywords that consumers search for are:

  • hire motorhome UK
  • motorhome hire Scotland
  • campervan hire
  • motorhomes
  • motorhome rental


There is a 300% increase in the search term ‘motorhome hire near me’ and a 100% increase in ‘motorhome hire Edinburgh’. These keywords suggest that individuals often search for terms related to locations.


Who currently dominates the market?

Leisure Rentals Direct and Yescapa are ranked the highest in terms of how many keywords they rank for – they share 354 related to motorhome hire. Although Leisure Rentals Direct ranks the highest for the number of keywords, Justgo and Yescapa bring in the most traffic – this is because of its overall ranking for higher-volume search terms.


Content types in the Motorhome Hire sector

Content plays an important role in SEO. You need to ensure the content you produce meets the needs of your consumers. From looking at the types of content in this sector, local listings, images and reviews appear in 80%-90% of the top 20 shared keywords. However, other types of content such as featured snippets or instant answers aren’t ranking. Engaging and detailed content is crucial as typically, the higher the word count, the higher the site will rank. This is particularly prominent in the Motorhome Hire sector, with the exception of Leisure Rentals Direct.


Facebook landscape 

With the exception of Justgo, there is a correlation between the websites with the fewest likes and lower rankings. This shows that there is an opportunity to create regular useful content which will stand out and increase likes on Facebook. In other travel sectors, there is a trend where brands who have more users on Facebook have higher rankings. But, this is not mirrored in the Motorhome Hire sector – this however represents an opportunity for you to increase your social media usage.

Authority and links

Link building is a crucial part of SEO – you want websites to link to you who have high authority. This is measured with what is known as Domain Authority (DA), and the higher the DA, the more authority a website has.


Justgo – 43

Motorholme – 35

Priory Rentals – 34

Leisure Rentals Direct – 31

Yescapa– 29


Building links to your website is important, however you need to take into consideration the quality of these links. Motorholme has the most links, but it has a high number of low-quality links. This shows that quantity is not a deciding factor in Google’s algorithm. Justgo, on the other hand, has the most higher-end links and this is reflected in its DA.

Key takeaways from this report are how the Motorhome Hire sector has a broad range of keywords to target – these focus in particular around location-based terms. Justgo and Yescapa currently dominate this sector, but there is an opportunity for other brands to take traffic from these sites.


Want more information?

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