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Luxury Holidays sector report

The travel industry is competitive, which makes it hard to compete for keywords. Your SEO strategy should be driven by data to ensure it is focused on results and ROI. This report explores the competition for organic search results in the Luxury Holidays sector and gives you key takeaways that you can implement today.

What our Luxury Holidays report offers


Latest insights


  • Optimise your keywords for location-based keywords such as ‘luxury greece holidays’ and update your page titles and meta descriptions accordingly
  • Your landing pages should target both location-based terms such as ‘luxury holidays in greece’, and holiday terms such as ‘luxury ski holidays’ to effectively compete in this sector
  • You should create lengthy content that answers users’ queries alongside having clear content, as there is a correlation with readability scores in this sector.

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What does our Luxury Holidays report cover?

Sector overview

In this sector there is a peak in search results at the start of the year that quietens down by March. There is a sharp increase at the beginning of the summer holidays with people booking last-minute holidays – this remains until September as we see a slight decrease in the lead-up to Christmas. After the festive period, there is a clear increase in searches due to companies advertising their holidays.

The top three keywords that consumers search for in the Luxury Holidays sector are:

  • luxury holidays UK
  • luxury holidays 2018
  • luxury all inclusive holidays


The above keywords are crucial to target to rank well in this sector. Location-based terms are important to use such as ‘luxury holidays to Caribbean’ as these are less competitive. This sector also presents opportunities to use keywords around holiday types such as ‘luxury beach holidays’.


Who currently dominates the market?

Secret Escapes has 15,300 monthly organic searches and Kuoni has 12,000. Delving deeper, these top two competitors share 2,536 keywords related to Luxury Holidays – 2,168 more than the remaining 18 competitors.


Content types in the Luxury Holidays sector

Content is important in SEO, and it is used as a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Data suggests that reviews, images, and featured snippets appear in the majority of results for the top 20 keywords. There is a clear gap for the use of videos and instant answers, as these will help companies to stand out in this sector.

Google has become intelligent at understanding how well written content is, and the Flesch Reading Ease gives a score based on how easy it is to read your content. In this sector there is a correlation that competitors with a stronger reading ease score are likely to have more traffic – the one exception is Scott Dunn.

Authority and Links

Link building is crucial in SEO – you want high-quality sites to link to you as Google will give you more SEO authority. The quality of a site is measured by Domain Authority (DA), which is calculated by how many sites link to you and how strong their authority is. The rankings of each competitor based on Domain Authority can be seen below (out of 100):


Secret Escapes – 66

Kuoni – 63

Scott Dunn – 58

Sovereign – 52

Elegant Resorts – 51


From analysing the above, Sovereign has the second-lowest DA but still attracts healthy traffic due to its average rankings in the search engines. Secret Escapes, on the other hand, has the highest DA due to its high brand recognition. Kuoni has the highest number of sites linking to them but from these links, it has the highest number of lower-authority domains; this reinforces the need for quality links over quantity.


Key takeaways from this report are that in the Luxury Holidays sector images and videos are required to rank well. Secret Escapes and Kuoni currently bring in the most traffic but there is an opportunity to take traffic from these sites.


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