SEO tips for marketing in the construction industry


It’s impossible to underplay the impact that the internet has had on the building trade. Where the industry once relied on word-of-mouth and print ads placed in local newspapers, the world wide web has since grown to become a digital hub of tradesman reviews, advertising and service information. The internet is often where your client base is at its most active, so it stands to reason that establishing a positive online presence is vital when attracting new customers and encouraging repeat business.

An effective SEO strategy  lays the foundation of your online business, while optimising your content for certain keywords can be an easy and effective way to get your site seen. We’ve used the Moz keyword explorer tool to identify five keywords that may just come in handy for building contractors looking to increase their online visibility.

Localised keywords:

“local builders” 

Monthly volume: 1.7k-2.9k

Difficulty: 30

In cases like this, the search engine will identify the location of the user and respond to the query appropriately. However, just because you rank highly for ‘building contractors in London’ doesn’t mean you’ll rank for ‘building contractors near me’ when the term is searched by people in London.

The Federation of Master Builders ranks first when you search for ‘local builders’ in and around the Norwich area. Creating a page that specifically targets this kind of keyword is the first step in improving your rankings, which FMB does particularly well by including the keyword ‘find local builders in Norwich’ in their meta description tag.

Exact match keywords

“building contractors” 

Monthly volume: 1.7k-2.9k

Difficulty: 16

Exact match keywords typically have an increased keyword difficulty, yet their high search volume makes optimising your content in this way still worthwhile. The term ‘building contractors’ has a relatively low difficulty level when compared with its monthly search volume, so even making sure that this kind of exact match keyword is present in H1 headings and page title tags could have a positive impact upon rankings.

Informational keywords

“find a builder” 

Monthly volume: 1.7k-2.9k

Difficulty: 37

Visitors to your site are likely to be looking for a building contractor to work with, which is why direct questions and demands relating to finding builders draw in such high traffic.

Headings and subheadings are an easy way to optimise your site for these keywords. For instance, your services page could include the subheading ‘Find a builder in London’, under which you are able to explain more about your business and services, as well as discussing what customers should be looking for when selecting a building contractor.

Again, optimising your page for destination-specific keywords will also ensure that those searching near to you will be able to find your website easily when entering such searches.

Destination keywords

“building contractors London”

Monthly volume: 501-850

Difficulty: 22

Destination-specific keywords are often considered a quick win in industries such as these. Breaking your site into categories by destination – perhaps town, county or even region – can really help to increase rankings for these terms. Make sure your ranking doesn’t go to waste by creating content that relates specifically to your destination. For instance, you may choose to create separate landing pages for your London services and Norwich services. This will ensure that you rank for both destination keywords individually.

Purpose keywords

“commercial building contractors”

Monthly volume: 51-100

Difficulty: 13

Users looking for specific services are likely to use more precise keywords that relate to the purpose of their search. Categorising your website and introducing the option to navigate content by each service that you offer can help to improve your rankings here. An example here, may be that you have one page that talks only about your commercial building services and another that is focused on residential building.

A building company that does this well is Ellis Builders who currently rank first for the term ‘residential building contractors’. They have created pages for each individual project that they work on, with headings including leisure, health and retail.

At Ad-Rank we will help you optimise your content with an effective keyword strategy to ensure that your website gets in front of potential customers. So if organic traffic is important to your business and you’re looking for ways to increase your online visibility then get in touch today.