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Camping Holidays sector report

Having an effective SEO strategy is crucial to increase traffic and search engine rankings. Travel is an extremely competitive industry so it’s important your strategy is focused on results and ROI. This report will focus on topics such as competition for keywords and seasonal trends, while providing you with tips you can put into practice today.

What our Camping Holidays report offers


Latest insights


  • To compete in this industry you should optimise your keywords for location-based terms such as ‘camp sites in Cornwall’.
  • There is a significant number of keywords that can be targeted in this sector which can lead to high-quality traffic. Your site’s landing page should be optimised for location-based key words as above.
  • The use of a local listing is recommended along with images and videos – this is because this will be prominent on the user’s screen.
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What does our Camping Holidays report cover?

Sector overview

This industry differs from other travel sectors in terms of its search volume. There is minimal interest at the start of the year, and this picks up in April and May, with a peak in July and August. There is a marked decline in search terms from September onwards, due to poor weather in the UK, where the majority of camping holidays take place.

The top three keywords that consumers search for in the Campsite Aggregator sector are:

  • camping
  • camp sites
  • UK camp sites

The above terms are fairly generic, but there is an increase in traffic for location-based terms. As some of these search terms are likely to be competitive, it is crucial you have strong, optimised landing pages that target each location.


Who currently dominates the market? and Pitchup share 11,803 keywords that contain ‘camp’ or ‘camping’ – this is 10,310 keywords more than the remaining eight competitors share. and Pitchup have the highest volume of traffic, although they don’t rank for as many keywords as This is because they have an average higher rank which helps to increase their traffic volumes. Overall, and Pitchup have the best average rank, as they rank highly for generic and long-tail search terms.


Content types in the Campsite Aggregator sector

Content plays an important role in online visibility and SEO. Local listings, reviews and images appear in almost all search results – so this type of content should be produced to rank well in the search results.

Authority and Links

Link building is regarded as crucial in SEO. You want high-authority sites to link to you, as this will help to improve your ranking. A website’s authority is measured by Domain Authority (DA), this is calculated based on the number of linking domains pointing to your site and how strong the authority of those sites are. The rankings of each competitor based on Domain Authority can be seen below (out of 100):


Pitchup – 60 – 57

Coolcamping – 56 – 53

Euro Campings – 48


In general, the higher the DA of a site, the more keywords they will rank for. Euro Campings has the lowest DA and also ranks lower than their competitors for keywords. However, has the highest ranking but doesn’t have the highest DA. This indicates how other factors, such as having high-quality content, form part of Google’s algorithm. and Pitchup have high-quality links, which shows the need for competitors to ensure the links they receive are authoritative. Building links in this sector is competitive, so it is crucial you build links to good-quality pages that contain lengthy content.

The Campsite Aggregator sector has a broad range of keywords to target, but to effectively compete, location-based terms should be used. To further improve rankings, images and videos are required alongside high-quality and lengthy content.

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